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Employee Plan Support

Plan support is often overstated and under-delivered.

We are committed to supporting our clients in the management of their claims, education programs and overall plan administration. Our goal is to allow our clients to do what they do best, we will provide a group benefit plan tailored to the employer’s needs.   Service drives your employee benefits program. Unlike most companies, FI is committed to supporting your program so it runs effectively and efficiently.

Upon becoming an our client, a Client Service Agreement is developed defining the duties to be fulfilled by us and setting the tone for the relationship to follow.

We are always available to assist you with the day to day management of your account and facilitate the flow of information between you and the insurance company.

We are committed to great service. Our "live receptionist" answers every call to ensure great communication. When you need to speak to a client care representative, we are available.

We offer a broad spectrum of services including life planning, business planning, employee benefits and group retirement planning. Our qualified specialists ensure our clients receive thorough planning, bridging their work and wealth.

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