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Group Cancer Insurance

Group Cancer Insurance has become necessary primarily due to the devastating nature of the disease on families, the huge medical costs involved in treatment and the increasing rates of both incidents of the disease and survival rates with proper treatment.

A Group Cancer Insurance policy acts as a supplemental current health insurance coverage, with the benefits described below:

Types of Coverage
  • First occurrence payment. This is paid the when you are diagnosed with cancer and can be used for whatever you need.
  • Hospital confinement. Pays a daily amount for every day you must stay in the hospital.
  • Diagnostic testing and drugs. Pays an additional amount for diagnostic testing or drugs for cancer treatment while you are in the hospital
  • Surgeon or physician. Pays a daily amount for an attending doctor or surgeon while in the hospital.
  • Private nursing. Pays a daily amount for a private nurse (if needed) while in the hospital.
  • Patient transportation. Pays for transportation by plane, train or bus if you need to travel for treatment.
  • Family transportation and lodging. If you must travel a long distance this pays for an accompanying family member’s travel and accommodation.           
  • Nursing facility or hospice. Pays a daily amount for staying in an assisted living, nursing care facility or hospice.
  • Surgical procedures.Pays amounts for surgery to assist in diagnosing and treating cancer and includes Anesthesia benefits.
  • Cancer therapies. Pays a dollar amount for radiation, chemotherapy, bone marrow transplants, blood products and anti-nausea medication.

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