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Your benefits:  Every employee’s situation is unique, with different benefit needs, at different points in their lives.

It's important for you to understand your benefits, so you can take advantage of all that group insurance has  to offer. 

What are the values of your benefits?
Good employment benefit packages add to peace of mind for every employee.  They are an important part of your compensation package.  Unfortunately most employees fail to understand either the full cost or true benefit of such packages.  We take the time to set them out clearly so that your employees understand both aspects. 

A note about Social Security
Each year, you place a percentage of your earnings into a form of retirement commonly known as Social Security.  Your employer matches your contribution, and all contributions are paid directly to the Social Security Administration. (applies only if you contribute to Social Security). 
For a free estimate of your Social Security benefits, call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213. Ask for Form SSA-7004, the Social Security statement request form. Within four to six weeks of filing this form, you'll receive a statement with a year by year breakdown of your earnings and estimates of the benefits you and your survivor will receive if you retire, become disabled, or die. 

Helping your employees better understand their benefits.  
To fully appreciate them, employees must first understand their benefits.  Today's better educated work force wants to know more about their benefits and compensation plans, yet employers have less time and fewer resources available to communicate this to employees. 
Research shows that employers spend more than 40% of payroll on employee benefits, but invest less than 1% in benefits communication.  Feliciano Insurance places a high priority on benefits, communications and employee enrollment support.

Usually orchestrating effective enrollment means time and money.  Our comprehensive communications and enrollment services are available at little or no cost to employers.

Learn how we can help you bring it all together using:

  • Communications and benefits ‘education plans’ tailored to your specific needs.
  • One-on-one communications to help your employees better understand their entire benefits program.
  • Quality communications materials, video support and automated benefit communications when appropriate.
  • Automated enrollments.
  • Group and individual meetings.
*1997 U.S. Chamber of Commerce Study. 

Click here to contact us via email or talk to one of our experienced Group Insurance advisors or Group Benefits specialists at 1.800.436.1213 (8am - 5pm CST)


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