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Generally, Americans are living longer.  For all too many, the dream of a comfortable retirement is being shattered by the harsh reality of rising health care costs.

A catastrophic illness, such as a stroke or Alzheimer’s disease, can cause unexpected financial hardship or even the prospect of welfare during what should be the “golden years.”    What are the problems?  What are the answers?

Inflation is a fact of life.  Unfortunately the frightening statistics show that health care costs rise much faster than other services. Advances in medical techniques and pharmaceuticals may allow us to live longer lives, but they carry staggering price tags.  Because seniors require a greater percentage of health care services, the burden of these increasing costs can quickly outstrip their assets.

Too few of us are planning for the eventual need for long term care.  Living longer does not necessarily mean living in perfect health.  When we think of adequate income for retirement, we frequently fail to include the possible long term care costs.  These can quickly erode accumulated assets.

The traditional solution for long term care, moving in with one’s children, has been made less viable by the geographic scattering of most families.

The two-income family is another problem.  Without a family member who regularly stays at home, more aging parents have no choice but to enter a nursing home.

Statistics show that today’s American family can expect to care for children for 17 years and aging parents for as long as 18 years.  This “triple squeeze” - having to pay for one’s own children, personal goals, and parental care - can mean financial hardship for the child as well as the parent.


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