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Prescription Drug Benefits

Health care is quickly becoming one of the largest corporate expenses, with prescription drug benefits contributing significantly to this rapidly increasing expense. Owners and management of private companies must deal with this increased expense while balancing the impact on employee satisfaction, the need for funding projects contributing to strategic growth and profitability, as well as managing owner cash-flow expectations.

There are steps private companies can take to make systemic, lasting changes to their prescription drug benefit plans resulting in long-term expense reduction. To help private company owners and management better understand the reasons for the escalating costs of prescription drug benefits and to help identify potential opportunities to reduce these costs, Private Company Services has prepared an informative white paper: Prescription drug benefits: reducing costs and increasing employee satisfaction.

Developed in conjunction with PricewaterhouseCoopers Human Resource Services group, this white paper covers topics such as:

  • Understanding prescription drug benefit costs and cost reduction levers;
  • Reviewing and evaluating prescription drug plans;
  • Managing prescription benefit manager carve out;, and
  • Reviewing relationships with insurance and prescription drug benefit carriers.

Prescription Drug Benefits
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