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Larry and Jane

Larry and Jane have been clients of ours for more than 10 years…..

Their premiums had risen significantly over the years………and we had been unable to make changes in order to lower their premiums, due to some pre-existing conditions with Larry.

By October 1, 2008 Larry, Jane and their son’s monthly premium had risen to $1,900.

However, knowing that Larry would become Medicare Eligible, in November of 2008, we took action and restructured their coverage. We were able to redistribute the insured’s coverage, to several different companies and save this family $1400.00 a month.  In addition to the premium savings, Larry’s out of pocket was reduced to ZERO, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF SMALL PRESCRIPTION COPAYS.  Jane and her son’s out of pocket remained unchanged. 

Perhaps it’s no surprise that Larry and Jane have been referring family and friends to us for years.

The 14 Year Client

I have been with the Feliciano Insurance group for 14 years.  They have stayed on top of my insurance issues throughout the years.  Whenever there was a rate increase they always called me with alternative options.  Even when I was half way around the world, the team at Feliciano Insurance not only found a way to contact me to advise me of the rate increase but pointed out a viable option, faxed the paper work to me and covered my family and I for the duration of the transition period.  I came home to a new plan in place without ever having had to worry about the issue.

Service like this ensures that I and my family and successive generations will not only stay within the Feliciano Insurance group, but will also continue to refer friends and family to what is arguably one of the finest groups in the nation.

Barbara and E.J

Barbara and E.J. have been clients for a number of years.  Throughout this professional relationship, not only have we provided E.J. and Barbara with health insurance, we have also had the privilege of covering their son and grandson.  Recently, they had a new addition to their family.  E.J. and Barbara recently made an appointment and came in to show us their beautiful great grandson, who needless to say is the apple of their eye.

They purchased insurance for the 4th generation in their family, just like they had in the past, for their son and grandson.

Barbara writes in a recent customer review, “Deborah Martin has been a very good person to work with.  I appreciate her.”

*All testimonials are voluntarily given and not paid endorsements.

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